Customer Reviews for Sichel’s Auto Body

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Impressed with the Workmanship

“I crashed my car and contacted my insurance company they gave me a claim number and I decdied to research auto body companies. I came across Sichel’s with really good reveiws. I took my car there without having to make an appointment and meet with the general Manager Michael, he explained everything to me. Got me into a rental car and started repairs on my car. They kept me updated on where my car was in the process of being fixed and talked directly with my insurance company so I was not bothered by all the paperwork.

Once my car was done I recevied a call to come pick it up and I meet the owner Ron Sichel, its not everyday you can meet an owner of the company and he knows whats going on with your car. I was very impressed with the workman ship of my repairs, they had detailed the car inside and out. it looked like New!!!. I would recommend Sichel’s crew to anyone you wants a job done right the first time.” –Cyan G, Rohnert Park

Honest, Respectful Company–and More Than Fair

“I had an excellent experience with this company. Someone sideswiped my new Toyota so I needed body work and paint repair. My estimate was very expensive but I agreed it needed to be fixed. I left the car there and the next day the manager called me and said they thought they could repair the car a different way so that the cost would be 90% less than the estimate, so I said do it. It turned out beautiful. This company is honest, respectful and more than fair. I’m an old widow lady and they could have easily taken advantage of me. They did GREAT!” –Jeannie K, Santa Rosa

They Did More Than They Promised

“Over the past four years, my 2008 Honda had collected a number of battle scars–either from people who scratched it in parking lots or the underside of the front area that scrapes the road if I don’t remember to approach a driveway incline at a snail’s pace. In any case, enough damage had been done that I decided it was time for a face lift, so I took my car to Sichel’s. I am so glad I did! From the moment of arrival, the service was friendly, professional and helpful. I didn’t feel like I was getting the bum’s rush toward a high price. This mattered, since I was paying for this work out of pocket.

When I got the car back, it was done as promised at the price I was promised. But it gets better. They did more work than they promised, fixing some stuff for free and buffing out some scratches that weren’t part of the original deal. The best part was the quality. My four-year-old car looks brand new! The color matching was expertly done, and the detailing was superb. It hasn’t been that clean since I bought it! I really had the sense that this place cares more about its reputation than just collecting my money, and that’s the kind of people I want to do business with. Well done, Sichel’s!” –Tim S, Sebastopol

My Friends and Family All Said “Go to Sichel’s”

“I was in a hit and run accident. I didn’t know what to do, so I checked with my friends and family they all said to go to Sichel’s Autobody and let them take a look at it and they would help me to get a claim started. I did some research about them and saw very high reviews on here and decided to go in and talk to them. I spoke with Ron and he made everything sound easy. I had my car towed to Sichels, and Ron and Mike both helped me with all my insurance and put me in a rental. I got updates every few days on the process of my car. Once I picked up the car it looked like new. Not only did they fix the damages it was cleaned inside and out, it looks like a new car again. I would recommend Sichel’s to everyone.” –Jani K, Santa Rosa

Top Notch, Kudos. Sichel’s Will be His First Choice

“I went to Sichel’s Autobody to get some work done on my new motorcycle. I was greeted courteously and given some coffee while he explained that it would be lest costly for me to just get a new part instead of having them work on it. Further, he recommended me to a nearby motorcycle shop and offered to take me there free of charge. Then, Ron offered to do a high compound rub on the scratches, again free of charge, and it looked terrific. He really went out of his way to help me out, and if I ever need any of my vehicles worked on, he will always be my first choice. These guys are top notch, kudos!” –Dimitri Z., Santa Rosa

Outstanding Customer Service, Excellent Workmanship

“Outstanding customer service, Excellent workmanship on my BMW that was recently hit in an accident, I’ve been going to Sichel’s Auto body for repairs on vehicles I’ve owned over the years, I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Do your self a favor, take your car to Sichel’s, they will take care of your vehicle as if it was their own!” –Sharilyn D., Santa Rosa

They Bent Over Backwards for Me

“I’m so incredibly happy with the body work and paint done on my very damaged car. Plus the manager stayed in touch with me, did everything in a timely manner and bent over backwards to be sure I was taken care of. –Kathleen G., Santa Rosa

Prompt and Professional Service

Recently I walked out to my car, which was parked on the side of the street near my home, and discovered my car had been struck by another vehicle causing damage to it. I called my nephew, and after looking over the damage he stated that I call Sichel’s Auto body here in Santa Rosa. I called and spoke to the Manager, Michael to get an estimate for the repairs. He immediately took action: he had my car towed to his shop (at no cost to me) He also ask if I required a rental car. Sichel’s submitted a written estimate for repairs to the insurance company of the party that hit me. A few days later the insurance company called me, unfortunately my car was deemed a total loss. However, the financial settlement offered by the insurance company was more then the official estimated costs for the repairs, enabling me to purchase another vehicle. Thanks Sichel’s Auto body for your prompt and professional services.
–Yvonne M., Santa Rosa